Worlds in Movement, Living Without Dams

Two years ago, we in Verdeseo decided to pool our ideas about what was happening with the conflict triggered by the idea of damming Chilean Patagonia promoted by HidroAysen. The first product of this project was «7 Arguments For A Patagonia Without Dams», where we discussed our reasons for rejecting an idea as ludicrous as HidroAysen’s. Then, we published «Beyond HidroAysén», seeking to broaden the discussion around dams, bringing energy issues to the centre of the debate for the kind of country we want to build.

Two years later, a lot of water is still running free through the rivers of Patagonia, and the spirit of the collective adventure unleashed under the slogan ‘Patagonia Without Dams’ has been embodied in many other demonstrations and causes throughout the country. Those who have been forgotten by triumphalism and complacency have put their humanity in the streets, demanding their right to a dignified life without abuses. To all of them we dedicate this publication that we are now sharing with you all, a publication that seeks to highlight the role of activism as a mode of existence; a recognition for those who have made a way of life out of these experiences of contestation, calling on us not to falter in the effort to create alternatives.

Click here to download this publication (PDF) or click the image below to access it.

Portada-Worlds in Movement, Verdeseo

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